Even though together we add up to many many years of experience we still struggle answering this question...

Generally speaking CREANDO Estudio Gráfico is made up of Emmanuel Gimeno and Javier Asín. Together, as partners and friends, they are in charge of this company they founded in 1998. Their personalities and fields of expertise complement each other perfectly: Emmanuel is mainly in charge of dealing with costumers, web design, layout, and the weekly organization of work; Javier takes care of all different kinds design (such as graphic and web design, space design, and exhibits), as well as the preservation of the numerous plants that keep the air in our studio clean.
From Ibiza, Antonio Blanco is our external programmer and developer.

The team is completed by Gloria Amela and Fátima Mirapeix. They take care of the tedious accounting and the wrapping-up of certain jobs by writing or proofreading texts, sending newsletters, distributing publications, attending exhibits, etc.

Of course, we also work with a great deal of professionals such as photographers, video experts, illustrators, etc. Besides, at times, our studio becomes crowded with design and illustration students who do internships here, and with whom we exchange knowledge and influences.
What we do

DESIGN. Graphic design (publishing design, corporate design, advertising) web design (ranging from web portals to ads, including online stores, according to our costumer´s needs, with custom content managers and web apps as needed), publishing design (magazines, books, catalogues), space design (museums, exhibits, congresses, etc.). In short, all kinds of design.
Other services

We offer global and complete solutions to communication problems we are presented with. That´s why we always give a closed quote on the price of the finished product, so that our costumers don´t have to worry about anything extra.

When it comes to web products, we offer a tailor-made internet service: purchase and maintenance of domain; web design, from portal to ad page; app development, interface in HTML5; custom content management, hosting in our servers (both production and development), etc.

Printing and layout services. We work only with the best providers and we take care of the follow-up of the printing process, color tests, proofreading, searching for the best quality of corporate paper, handling, etc.

Event management. We offer online sign-up services, newsletter distribution, coordination with companies that offer hostesses for congresses, advertisement, instaladores, press follow-up, etc.

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Juan José Pérez del Molino, 17
39006 · Santander (SPAIN)
Tel. 942 07 50 05 · This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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